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Stating the hypothesis

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Stating the hypothesis

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behaviour essay Read the following essay from the subject Human Behaviour. Stating. Click on format paper the blue highlighted numbers to see comments. Words or phrases highlighted in pink are wrong or in some way problematic. Most of these have comments attached, but in a few places we leave it to you to stating the hypothesis think about what is wrong, or how the writing might be improved. 1 Cancer is still seen by many as an incurable disease that slowly takes over healthy human tissue, and ultimately causes death.

2 Through advances in correct mla research medical science, different physical procedures have been developed to treat cancer for example, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. In recent years however, there has been a growing perception by cancer specialists and patients that the onset and treatment of cancer may be affected by psychological factors. A new field of research called psycho-oncology has emerged to investigate how the mind can slow down, or even reverse, the progress of cancer. The results from such studies however, have not always been conclusive, and in the case of retrospective studies, have often proved contradictory. 3 While it is important that medical science properly investigate the merit of mind-cancer theories, the benefits of alternative therapies and viewpoints should not be overlooked in the debate over cancer research. 4 The essay briefly surveys the origins of stating, mind-cancer research and the emergence of the field of psycho-oncology, before addressing contemporary research in the area, in type for money particular, the problem of validating results. It concludes by examining the merits of alternative therapies with regard to stating the hypothesis patient psychology. Opinion Essay Topics. 5 Before examining the origins of mind-cancer research, the the hypothesis physiology of cancer will be briefly discussed.

Cancer is type for money a general term used to stating the hypothesis describe a physiological disorder in which cells in the body begin to reproduce as abnormal cells, forming a mass called a tumour. Essay. There are different types of cancers and tumours, and the body utilises the immune system to destroy the cancerous cells. If the tumour is malignant, the immune system stops the cancer cells from moving to other areas of the body. The immune system halts the spread of the cancer cells by the use of cytotoxic T-cells, also known as 6 natural killer (NK) cells. These cells attack the cancerous cells and destroy them. This is why much cancer research over the years has concentrated on the immune system because in effect, this system provides the body#039;s own natural cancer treatment.

In several studies completed over the last two decades, 7 researchers have found that psychological factors such as stress and bereavement can suppress NK cell activity in the body, and the activity of stating the hypothesis, all T-cells in general 8 (Bartrop, 1977; 9 Sali, 1992, cited by Kune, 1992). This phenomenon (immunosuppression) has come to size be viewed as a contributing factor in many physiological diseases including allergies, infections, digestive disorders, asthma, heart disease, and cancer 10 (Edelman Kidman, 1997). The idea however, that psychological factors could have an stating the hypothesis influence on questionnaire analysis cancer was first raised as early as the stating second century. The Greek physician, 11 Galen, noted that depressed women were more likely to develop cancer than happy women (cited by Sdorow, 1995). Other eminent physicians and surgeons also noted that the personalities of people who had developed cancer were markedly different to people who had not developed cancer (cited by Kune, 1992); 12 i.e, they concluded that cancer was more likely to develop in people who possessed a #039;melancholy#039; disposition (cited by Horne, 1996). 13 This raised the question of why such psychological factors might influence the behaviour of cancer. Studies in the field of psycho-oncology, which combines oncology with psychiatry, therefore tried to show how the mind affected physiological functions. Dedicated experimentation in the field first began with laboratory mice. 14 Sklar and aqa gcse statistics Anisman (1979) implanted cancerous cells into mice, and then subjected them to the hypothesis a series of escapable and statistics help inescapable electric shocks. They reasoned that the mice subjected to stating the hypothesis the inescapable shocks would be placed under more stress than the mice allowed to answers escape the stating shocks.

They further found that the mice in aqa gcse coursework help the former category developed exaggerated tumour sizes and stating did not survive as long as did the mice in the latter category. Nevertheless, the results were regarded as inconclusive since different tumour systems are differentially influenced by stress (chemically induced tumours are inhibited by increased stress levels), and the experiment involved mice and not humans. 15 Research was then directed to cancer patients. Many studies concentrated on mla research women suffering from breast cancer, and consisted of interviewing them after a significant event involving their cancer (such as diagnosis, or an operation). The patients were then followed up after a number of years. However, the results often proved contradictory, as has occurred in several retrospective studies. In one well-known case, 16 Ramirez et al. Stating The Hypothesis. (1989) found that there was a prognostic association between severe life stressors and the recurrence of breast cancer. Barraclough et al. (1992) 17 on essay topics the other hand, 18 found that psychosocial adversity such as depression, or a severe life event, was not conducive to a relapse of cancer and this conclusions has since been supported.

19 There is good evidence for the hypothesis any relation between stressful life events and breast cancer (McGee 1999, p.1015). Certain studies found that patients could be classified into opinion essay topics different psychological groups, and that a pattern emerged in the life span of the stating patients in each of the average groups. In one study, Greer et al. (1979) classified 20 69 female patients suffering from breast cancer into one of four groups , 21 the Denial, Fighting Spirit, Stoic Acceptance and stating Feelings of Hopelessness groups. The Denial group consisted of those patients who rejected any evidence of their diagnosis, and 22 didn#039;t consider having cancer as serious. The Fighting Spirit group consisted of patients who possessed a highly optimistic attitude, and sought to learn more information about mla research their cancer and to do everything they could to conquer the stating disease. The Stoic Acceptance group comprised patients who ignored their cancer and any symptoms as much as they could, continuing with their lives as normal.

The patients in format paper the Feelings of Hopelessness group considered themselves gravely ill, and were totally preoccupied in a negative way with their illness. At the stating completion of the study, researchers found that the patients classified in the first two groups were more likely to achieve a favourable outcome than the correct format paper patients classified in the latter two groups (Greer et al. 1979). This conclusion was similar to stating Galen#039;s hypothesis, which claimed that women who had cancer and died from dissertation questionnaire analysis it were more likely to have different personalities than those women who did not develop the the hypothesis disease or were cured of it. Other studies reinvestigated the role of stress in cancer. Medical research had established that stress could cause immunosuppression, and that in times of stress, people could become sick more readily.

Goodkin et al. Opinion Essay. (1984) postulated that an invasive cervical carcinoma could develop as a result of a mediating mechanism such as the immune system becoming adversely affected by stress. As mentioned previously, exposure to stating the hypothesis stressful life experiences can also alter T-cell activity in the immune system. Schleifer et al. (1985) demonstrated that in most people T-cell activity returned to normal after a time, but for others, it remained lower than prior to the stressor event leaving them more susceptible to illness. However, like many other findings, it remains to be determined whether these changes in immune function are specifically related to cancer. 23 Can the mind really play a role in cancer onset and cure? While many researchers in the field of psycho-oncology have found positive correlations between cancer and psychological factors, results overall have proved inconclusive, and in some cases, contradictory. It is also possible that researchers have concluded what they wanted to believe. . . Mla Research. . In those studies which have directly linked stress to stating cancer, stress may only be an indirect cause.

People in analysis general, when confronted with something that causes stress, tend to isolate themselves and engage in the hypothesis #039;emotion-focused coping behaviour,#039; to mla research prevent being overwhelmed by stating the hypothesis, their negative emotions (Atkinson et al. 1996). Typical examples are behavioural strategies including cigarette smoking and drug and alcohol consumption. Such behaviour can cause numerous health problems with smoking being especially linked to the development of lung cancer. In turn, the cancer can spread to other parts of the statistics body. These coping factors may in fact, represent the real reason why stress has been linked to cancer. Issues such as these are among the questions that mind-cancer research needs to the hypothesis resolve. The quality of studies conducted has also prevented any definite conclusions being reached about the validity of theories that view the mind as influencing cancer.

Many of these studies for example, have been criticised for poor methodology and design faults (Edelman and Kidman, 1997). 24 Small sample sizes, the use of unvalidated instruments, no control groups, no vital information taken into account and no randomising of treatment groups may have led to errors in the calculation of results, and therefore, to questionable conclusions. Many studies have not been replicated by other researchers to analysis determine the accuracy of their results. . . . Or, they may have been based upon stating what was in effect, the aqa gcse statistics measurement of feelings. Since feelings cannot be determined quantitatively, it is hard to assess the exact amount of stress or depression that a person has experienced. . . . In addition, the equipment used in some studies to stating the hypothesis measure psychological variables may have varied between studies. All these factors can contribute to inconclusive outcomes. Although verifying mind-cancer studies is problematic, medical personnel need to consider the psychology of their patients.

For this reason, the benefits offered by a positive mindset or alternative therapies should not be too readily dismissed. It may well be useful for some cancer patients to believe that the mind can be used as a tool to treat, or even, prevent the onset of cancer. Papers. Similarly, it may also benefit some cancer patients to attempt alternative treatments such as meditation and positive thinking. No matter how strange a cancer treatment may appear, it should not be immediately discredited. One woman with breast cancer was able to keep her malignant tumour localised for a period of seven years, before undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to finally destroy the cancer. Over a period of seven years, she underwent vibrational healing and oxygen therapy, took high doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin B17 (Laetrile), but most importantly, adopted a positive attitude toward life and stating living (Ward 1996). . Opinion Topics. . . Such a patient may well be an example of the phenomenon Sarafino (1990) notes of patients who appear to #039;will away#039; cancer. Stating. 25 The extent to which the mind can affect cancer still remains unresolved. Opinion Topics. Specific questions cannot be answered with any certainty due to the ambiguities, inconsistencies and the hypothesis direct contradictions of some studies. Format Paper. Nevertheless, an examination of the literature that discusses these issues reveals broad findings that are worth emphasising: Stress can negatively affect the immune system.

Although the the hypothesis evidence is ambiguous, stress can also affect the onset and progression of cancer. An individual#039;s psychological profile can affect the progression of cancer in the body. Such findings should not be ignored, but rather used to the patient#039;s advantage. With the advent of newer medical technology, more research and greater knowledge about aqa gcse coursework how the mind works, the answers to questions in the field of psycho-oncology will hopefully be revealed. Atkinson, R.L., Atkinson, R.C., Smith, E.E., Bem, D.J., and S. Nolen-Hoeksema . Hilgard#039;s Introduction to Psychology. (12th ed.). USA: Harcourt Brace and Company, 1996. Barraclough, J., Pinder, P., Cruddas, M., Osmond, C., Taylor I., and M. Perry. Life events and breast cancer prognosis.

British Medical Journal, 304, 1078-1081, 1992. Bartrop, R.W., Luckhurst, E., Lazarus. L., Kiloh, L.G., and R. The Hypothesis. Penny. Opinion Essay. Depressed Lymphocyte Function After Bereavement. The Lancet, i, 834-836, 1977. Edelman, S. and A.D. Stating The Hypothesis. Kidman. Mind and cancer: Is there a relationship? - 27 A review of evidence. Australian Psychologist, 32, 79-851, 1997. Goodkin, K., Antoni, M.H., and P.H. Blaney.

Stress and hopelessness in the promotion of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia to invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 30, 67-76, 1986. Greer, S., Morris, T., and K.W. Pettingale. Psychological response to breast cancer: Effect on outcome. The Lancet, ii, 785-787, 1979. Home, R. Answers. Cancer Proof your Body. Adelaide: Griffin Paperbacks, 1996. Kune, G.A., and S. Bannerman. The 1st Slezak Cancer Symposium - The Psyche and Cancer. University of Melbourne, 1992.

McGee, R. Stating The Hypothesis. Does stress cause cancer? There#039;s no good evidence of a relation between stressful events and cancer. British Medical Journal, 319, 1015-1019, 1999. Ramirez, A.J., Craig, T.K.J., Watson, J.P., Fentiman, I.S., North, W.R.S., and R.D. Reubens. Stress and relapse of breast cancer. British Medical Journal, 298, 291-293, 1989. Sarafino, E.P.

Health Psychology-Biosocial Interactions. Canada: 28 1990. Schleifer, S.J., Keller, S.E., and M. Stein. Central Nervous System Mechanisms and Immunity: Implications for dissertation Tumour Response. In S.M. Levy, Behaviour and Cancer.

San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., 1985. Stating The Hypothesis. 29. Sdorow, L.M. Psychology, (3rd ed.). 30 Brown and Benchmark , 1995. Sklar, L.S., and H. Anisman. Stress and coping factors influence tumour growth. Statistics Coursework. Science, 205, 513-515, 1979. Stating The Hypothesis. Ward, D. One in 10 - Women living with Breast Cancer. Sydney: Allen and Unwin Pty Ltd, 1996. The first thing to opinion essay do in a typical introduction is to introduce the topic , and provide a little relevant background information to orient the reader.

The first statement here identifies the broad topic as cancer, with a brief description of what it is. The second stage of a typical introduction limits the scope of the discussion. The next 4 sentences focus on the history of the treatment of cancer, and specifically the role of the mind in controlling the disease. This next stage points out the stating importance or relevance of the topic. We don#039;t yet know, however, exactly how the writer is going to tackle the subject. In the final stage of the mla research introduction, the writer gives a brief outline of the stating the hypothesis structure of the type papers essay, and what the writer intends to achieve. Note, however, that this plan avoids using #039;I#039; statements (In this essay I will . ); to do so would overemphasise what is purely organisational information. Instead it does the stating same thing in a less personal way: This essay . surveys . It concludes by ap gov essays, examining . . In general,#039;I#039; is rarely used in scientific writing, where the #039;facts of research#039; are required to speak for themselves. Notice how the topic sentence in this paragraph maintains the overall theme - the effects of the mind on cancer - while at the same time moving the discussion forward. If you wish to use an acronym like NK = natural killer in stating your essay, introduce it the first time by using the full term and for money adding the acronym immediately after it in brackets. Use the active voice and stating human agent(s) where possible (i.e.

Researchers have found. Correct. instead of impersonal constructions of the type It has been found. Impersonal constructions do not clearly indicate authorship or responsibility. This first use of stating the hypothesis, a reference focuses on aqa gcse statistics help introducing relevant information rather than specific researcher achievements/events/opinions. This is a typical practice in the early stages of an essay. See Citing previous research on the difference between information-prominent and author-prominent citations. (Sali, 1992, cited by Kune, 1992) is a reference within a reference . In general, you should avoid reporting writers at #039;third-hand#039;; instead go to the original source if possible.

If that is not possible, you can use this method to cite authors referred to in another source. When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, a reference at stating the end of a sentence is always placed in brackets before the full stop, not after it: This phenomenon (immunosuppression) has come to be viewed . and cancer (Edelman, 1997). This phenomenon (immunosuppression) has come to be viewed . and essays answers cancer. (Edelman, 1997) Galen is a source cited by another author (Sdorow, 1995), as are other eminent physicians and surgeons (cited by stating the hypothesis, Kune, 1992). In formal writing it is preferable to average avoid using abbreviations - use #039;that is#039; rather than i.e. and stating the hypothesis #039;for example#039; rather than e.g. The pronoun this is often overused by writers. In this sentence, you may feel it is not clear what #039;this#039; refers to. The following sentence is more specific, and for money you might consider dropping this first sentence altogether. Author-prominent citations (see Citing previous research) are appropriate at this point as the writer#039;s focus has now moved to the work of individual researchers. The Hypothesis. Note that if you have cited a particular reference once already in a paragraph, it is not necessary to cite that work again in thesis the same paragraph unless a second reference has also been cited, and you need to stating clarify any possible ambiguity.

In this paragraph only one reference has been cited (Sklar and Anisman 1979), and aqa gcse the reader will naturally assume that any information in the rest of the paragraph comes from the stating the hypothesis same source. The topic sentence must state the intention behind the paragraph clearly and specifically. In this case the point is the turn from research on animals to research on human patients. Statistics Coursework. Adding a couple more words could clarify this; for stating the hypothesis example: At that point, therefore, research was directed to cancer in human patients. et al. is the Latin short form for #039;and others#039; or #039;other writers#039; and is used when more than two writers are referred to. Strictly speaking, it should only be used the second time you refer to the same source - in other words, give the dissertation full citation the first time the the hypothesis work is cited. Here, therefore, the citation should be to Ramirez, Craig, Watson, Fentiman, North, and Reubens (1989) . (Of course, the authors#039; initials are not included in the citation - except when two of the authors have the statistics coursework help same surname.) Note, too, that et al. is stating the hypothesis plural in reference; so make sure the verb agrees with its plural subject. Transition markers such as #039;on the other hand#039; are used to organise your argument and to emphasise particular points - e.g. cause ( because , since, etc.), effect ( as a result , therefore , etc.) contrast ( however , on ap gov the other hand , etc.), concession ( although , etc.) and example ( for instance , etc.) (see also Linking.

Use them strategically and carefully. Stating The Hypothesis. It might be better to use #039;claimed#039; here in place of #039;found#039;. Vary your reporting verbs (i.e. Aqa Gcse Statistics. states , claims , suggests , aintains , demonstrates , etc.), but make sure the appropriate verb is used. #039;Say#039; and #039;tell#039; are not used when reporting written sources. Use a direct quote only when the stating the hypothesis wording is exceptional. Otherwise, use a paraphrase instead. Aqa Gcse Statistics Help. A direct quote was not necessary in this case. Stating The Hypothesis. Direct quotations are generally not used in correct academic writing; they are a feature of journalistic style. For a direct quote, use quotation marks around the exact words of the original.

Use three dots to indicate any omission of word(s), e.g. (between . and cancer). Include the page number in the citation, after the year. A quote longer than three lines should be set out as an indented block, single-spaced, without quotation marks. Numbers are written as words (one, two . Stating The Hypothesis. ) up to ten, and thereafter usually as figures. So the writer here is correct paper correct to write 69 patients but four groups. It would be better to use a colon rather than a comma here to introduce the the hypothesis list that follows like this: In one study, Greer et al. (1979) classified 69 female patients suffering from breast cancer into one of four groups: the Denial, Fighting Spirit, Stoic Acceptance and Feelings of Hopelessness groups. Do not use contractions in questionnaire formal writing - use full forms (i.e. #039;did not#039; Topic sentences in the form of the hypothesis, questions are not appropriate in formal scientific writing. They look lazy or journalistic. Make a clear statement to introduce the topic of the paragraph.

In this case the second sentence in this paragraph would make a better topic sentence: While many researchers in the field of psycho-oncology have found positive correlations between cancer and psychological factors, results overall have proved inconclusive. Keep items in a list parallel in grammatical form. In this case, make them all noun phrases like small sample sizes or the dissertation analysis use of unvalidated instruments. Here, rather than using no . it would be better to stating the hypothesis write: the absence of control groups and essay topics the failure to take vital information into account and randomise treatment groups. The conclusion that follows here does what is recommended for concluding an essay: it firstly sums up the argument with appropriate reference to the main points discussed, and then attempts to indicate further implications or future directions. However, the final statement is rather glib that is, it looks good, but doesn#039;t say very much. This weakens the overall impact.

It might be better to offer a more cautious, reasoned statement at stating the hypothesis the end: With the advent of better medical technology and continuing research, answers to some of the questionnaire questions in the field of mind-cancer research may become clarified. In the meantime, the professional desire for verifiable results should always be balanced against the patient#039;s well-being. Notice the use of cautious language here. Academics are generally careful not to stating make claims that could easily be proved wrong, and use qualifiers, modal verbs and help hedging expressions (some, may, possibly, etc.) to do this. Remember, too, that the conclusion should never introduce new information. Make sure you are consistent in stating the setting out of your bibliography and that you include all relevant information.

Once you adopt a particular way of essays, setting out the information, don#039;t chop and stating change between items. Note that article titles are typically formatted in lower case apart from the size initial capital and the capital after the colon: Edelman, S. and A.D. The Hypothesis. Kidman. Mind and type papers cancer: Is there a relationship? - A review of evidence. Australian Psychologist, 32, 79-851, 1997. This is to distinguish them from book and journal titles, especially where italics are not used to identify these, as they are in this case. The Hypothesis. The name of the publisher must be provided with the City of publication. See the mla research entry for Home, R. as an example.

Page numbers must be provided for single chapters in a book, as well as for any journal articles used. The Hypothesis. City of essays answers, publication must be provided with the name of the publisher. See the entry for Home, R. as an example. Problems? Questions?

Comments? Please provide us feedback.

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It should entice the employer to read your resume. Read more. See also: uninvited (cold contact) cover letter — The most common type of cover letter, since such a large percentage (80-95 percent) of the job market is “closed,” meaning the stating, job openings are not advertised. Usually part of a direct mail campaign in which the job-seeker is trying to for money uncover hidden jobs. See a sample letter. invited cover letter — Written in response to stating the hypothesis an advertised opening, whether in a newspaper, trade publication, on the Internet, or even on the company’s bulletin board. Average Thesis Size? Employer expects — and even welcomes the cover letters.

See a sample letter. referral cover letter — An extremely effective type of cover letter that springs from the hypothesis, networking efforts. The referral letter uses a name-dropping tactic as early as possible in size, the letter to attract the stating, reader’s attention and prompt an aqa gcse statistics help interview. See a sample letter. Curriculum Vitae (CV) — See Resume . Declining Letter — A letter sent to stating an employer to turn down a job offer. The writer should keep the door open in case he or she would like to papers for money approach the employer again someday. See a sample letter.

Degrees Certifications — Recognition bestowed on students upon completion of a unified program of study, including high school, trade schools, colleges and universities, and other agencies. Read more. Diversity Job-Seekers — Numerous disadvantaged groups — women and minorities — often face extra challenges in the job-search. Read more. Dress for Success — First coined by author John Malloy in the 1970s, the term Dress for Success signifies tailoring one’s attire, grooming, and overall appearance toward making a great first impression in a job interview — as well as maintaining a professional look while on the job to stating the hypothesis aid career advancement. Will dressing properly get you the job? Not by itself, but it will give you a competitive edge and help you make a positive first impression. Thesis Size? Read more. Electronic Resume (or E-Resume) — A resume (see resume ) that is sent to the employer electronically, either via email, by submitting to Internet job boards, or residing on the hypothesis, their on Web page. Includes numerous formats of paper, resumes linked by their mode of delivery. Read more.

Elevator Speech — A a 15- to 30-second commercial that job-seekers use in a variety of situations (career fairs, networking events, job interviews, cold calling) that succinctly tells the person you are giving it to who you are, what makes you unique, and the benefits you can provide. Read more. Email Cover Letter — A cover letter (see Cover Letter ) that is stating the hypothesis sent to the employer electronically via email. There are different rules that apply to writing these kind of cover letters, though the fundamental principles remain the average thesis, same. Read more. See a sample letter. Employment Gaps — Are those periods of time between jobs when job-seekers are unemployed, either by choice or circumstances. Employers do not like seeing unexplained gaps on resumes, and the hypothesis, there are numerous strategies for reducing the impact of these gaps on your future job-hunting. Aqa Gcse Coursework Help? Read more. Entrepreneur — Someone who starts and stating the hypothesis, runs his or her own business — who organizes, operates, and assumes both the rewards and the risks from running the enterprise.

It takes specific traits to operate a business, including accounting and financial skills, sales and ap gov answers, marketing skills, time management and organizational skills, planning and stating the hypothesis, implementation skills, and the ability to have a vision to papers fulfill an unmet (or poorly met) need better than competitors. Read more. Follow-Up — An often overlooked and critical part of job-hunting. In the early phases of searching for a job, job-seekers must be proactive in showing continued interest in all job leads — contacting employers after you’ve submitted your resume. Read more. Follow-up is also important after the the hypothesis, job interview, first with a thank-you letter , but then also with contact expressing your interest and fit for the position. Read more. Freelancer/Consultant/Independent Contractor — Where you work for yourself and thesis size, bid for temporary jobs and stating, projects with one or more employers. Freelancing is not an alternative to hard work, but many people enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and satisfaction of working for themselves. Read more. Franchising — A legal and commercial relationship between the thesis size, owner of a trademark, service mark, brand name, or advertising symbol (the franchisor) and stating, an individual or organization (the franchisee) wishing to mla research use that identification in a business.

Read more. Functional Resume — See Resume . Gen Y Job-Seeker/Worker — The generation of people — roughly those born between the stating the hypothesis, late 1970’s and the late 1990’s — 72 million or so strong. Thesis Size? As job-seekers and workers, this cohort has very different views on hiring, perks, promotions, and managing — and are expected to transform all aspects of employment as they age and move up the corporate ladder. Also referred to as The Millennials. The Tech/Net/Digital Generation.

Boomlets. Echo Boomers. The Hypothesis? Read more. Green Jobs/Green-Collar Jobs — Jobs — moving from both white-collar (professional) and blue-collar (trade) — to positions in renewable-energy and energy-efficiency industries are on the rise. Average Thesis Size? U.S. The Hypothesis? green-collar jobs could grow to ap gov answers as many as 40 million by 2030, according to a commissioned report by stating, the American Solar Energy Society. Read more. Hidden Job Market — Only about 5-20 percent of average size, all job openings are ever publicly known, which results in about four-fifths of the the hypothesis, job market being “closed,” meaning you can’t find out about any new openings unless you do some digging. Strategies for uncovering the hidden job market include networking and cold calling. Read more. See networking and cold calling.

Holland Codes — Personality types developed by psychologist John L. Holland as part of his theory of career choice. Essays? Holland mapped these types into a hexagon which he then broke down into the RIASEC job environments (see RIASEC ). See also Assessments. Find assessments using this method. Home-Based (Work-at-Home) Careers — Numerous opportunities exist for job-seekers who want more control over time and work, who want job flexibility to the hypothesis spend more time with family — by working from aqa gcse statistics coursework help, home. Unfortunately, this area is also one that has the stating the hypothesis, most potential for scams and for money, other fraudulent activities. Read more.

Informational Interviewing — Just what it sounds like — interviewing designed to produce information. Stating? What kind of information? The information you need to choose or refine a career path, learn how to type papers break in and find out if you have what it takes to succeed. It’s the process of the hypothesis, spending time with one of your network contacts in a highly focused conversation that provides you with key information you need to launch or boost your career. Read more. Internships — One of the best types of work experiences for entry-level job-seekers because a majority of employers say experience is the most important factor in whether you’re hired. Internships involve working in your expected career field, either during a semester or over the summer. Besides gaining valuable experience, you get exposed to the business environment and gain valuable references and questionnaire analysis, network contacts. Read more.

Interview — See Job Interviewing . Job Application — Sometimes also referred to as an Application for Employment . Many organizations require you to the hypothesis complete an application (either to get an interview or prior to an interview). Even though many of the ap gov, questions duplicate information from your resume, it is extremely important to complete the application neatly, completely, and accurately. The Hypothesis? Read more. Job Boards — Also referred to coursework as Job Sites . There are five levels or types of job boards: general job boards and job-search engines (such as and stating the hypothesis,, industry-specific job boards (such as, geographic-specific job boards (such as, job-seeker specific “niche” boards (such as, and company career centers (such as Topics? Read more. Job Clubs — Sometimes known as networking clubs or job-finding clubs, enables you to expand your network of contacts — and also serves as a key support group when the job-hunt is longer or harder than you expected.

A great tool for job-hunting, and stating the hypothesis, job-seekers can either join an existing club or start your own! Read more. Job-Hunting Etiquette — There are certain rules or protocols that should guide a job-seeker’s conduct while job-hunting. Some people call these rules good manners, but more refer to them as business etiquette. Read more. Job-Hunting Online — Not a magic elixir that will guarantee that you find a job, but still a door to opportunities and techniques not available before the advent of the Net. Most job-seekers should spend no more than about 20 percent of their time and effort looking for average thesis, a job online, though job-seekers in the technology/computer industry might be wise to spend up to stating 50 percent of their time looking for a job online.

Read more. Correct Paper? Find the most current trends in online job-hunting by reading the Quintessential Careers Reports on the State of Internet Job-Hunting. Job Interviewing — All about the hypothesis making the best matches. Both the employer and aqa gcse statistics coursework, the job-seeker want to stating the hypothesis determine if the average, fit is right between them. First impressions are key (see “dress for success”), and preparation is critical to interviewing success. Read more. See also: screening interviews — usually conducted by a member of the human resources department, the screening interview is designed to stating weed out unqualified candidates. Providing facts about aqa gcse statistics help your skills is more important than establishing rapport. Stating The Hypothesis? traditional interviews — uses broad-based questions such as, “why do you want to work for this company,” and thesis, “tell me about the hypothesis your strengths and weaknesses.” Interviewing success or failure is ap gov essays answers more often based on the job-seeker’s ability to communicate and establish rapport than on the authenticity or content of their answers. Read more. behavioral interviews — based on stating the hypothesis, the premise that past performance is the best indicator of future behavior and uses questions that probe specific past behaviors, such as “tell me about a time where you confronted an unexpected problem” and “tell me about an experience when you failed to achieve a goal.” Read more. panel/group interviews — uses a committee of opinion, people, usually around a table, asking questions. The key to this type of interview is to stating the hypothesis balance eye contact with both the person who asked the question and the remainder of the group. case interviews — used primarily by management-consulting firms to correct format mla research paper determine how well suited you are to stating the consulting field. Ap Gov? Case interviews measure problem-solving ability, tolerance for the hypothesis, ambiguity, and communication skills along several dimensions.

The idea is to find out how well you identify, structure, and think through problems. Read more. situational interviews — sometimes also referred to as a scenario-based (problem-solving) interview, where the job-seeker is placed in a hypothetical situation (such as dealing with an irate customer), and is judged by how well s/he reacts to complex information and ability to resolve problem and arrive at solutions. Read more. Format Mla Research Paper? stress interviews — usually are a deliberate attempt to see how you handle yourself under pressure. The interviewer may be sarcastic or argumentative, or may keep you waiting. Expect these things to happen, and when it does, don’t take it personally. Calmly answer each question as it comes.

Also called intimidation interviews. Read more. phone interviews — have only one purpose: to stating decide if there is a good enough match to justify a site visit. Make sure to type papers set a specific time for your telephone interview — not just “sometime this week.” Read more. Job Offer — See Offer of Employment . Job Satisfaction — A term to the hypothesis describe how content an individual is with his or her job. It includes many factors, including the work itself, value to dissertation analysis the organization, impact on organization, compensation, and more. When workers are very unhappy with their jobs, they suffer both mentally and stating the hypothesis, physically.

Read more. Job Scams — job offers and essays answers, work-at-home businesses designed to deceive and defraud innocent job-seekers. These all too often “get rich quick” scams are designed to take your identity or your money — or both. Job-seekers can protect themselves by never releasing confidential information about themselves or their finances to any recruiter, headhunter, or business. The Hypothesis? Also be wary of any unsolicited emails — even when the email appears to questionnaire analysis be legitimate. Read more. Job Search Agent — A program offered by many job boards that allows job-seekers to passively search for jobs by selecting criteria for new job postings. At some time interval, the program emails the job-seeker a list of new job postings that fit the criteria, allowing the job-seeker to decide whether to take any action.

Job-Search Domino Effect — States that five key phases comprise any good job search, and if you ignore any one of them or conduct one poorly, the likelihood of the hypothesis, a successful job search decreases dramatically — just as if you pulled a domino out of a row of mla research paper, dominos. Read more. Job-Seeker SEO — A strategy in which passive (or active) job-seekers use proven search engine optimization strategies to increase the ranking and popularity of personal, branded career Websites. The concept behind Job-Seeker SEO is that employers searching by name or keywords should find your site in the top listings in any online search (with special focus on Google, Live Search, Yahoo!).Read more. Job Shadowing — One of the most popular work-based learning activities because it provides job-seekers with opportunities to gather information on a wide variety of career possibilities before deciding where they want to focus their attention. Stating The Hypothesis? Job shadows involve brief visits to a variety of workplaces, during which time you “shadow,” observe, and ask questions of individual workers. Read more. Job Skills — The skills you need to do a particular job. For example, an ap gov accountant needs to have good math and accounting skills; a doctor needs to have good medical, scientific, and personal skills. Read more. Job Skills Portfolio — Also referred to as a Career Portfolio , a job-hunting tool a job-seeker develops to give employers a complete picture of who you are, including samples of stating, your work — your experience, your education, your accomplishments, your skill sets — and what you have the potential to become — much more than just a cover letter and correct mla research, resume can provide.

Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over the hypothesis, 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and ap gov, writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to stating help land the job you want. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and correct format, blogs about storytelling in stating, the job search at mla research paper, A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from stating the hypothesis, Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of ap gov, Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and stating, A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by thesis size, Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to stating Study Skills (Alpha). Dissertation Analysis? Visit her personal Website or reach her by the hypothesis, e-mail at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Kristin Cardinale, Ph.D. Average? is the author of The 9-to-5 Cure: Work on Your Own Terms and Reinvent Your Life. The Hypothesis? She is an size optimist, columnist, career coach, consultant, technology instructor, adjunct college professor, seminar speaker, owner of a small technical-support business and serial entrepreneur; she is a bona fide Patchworker. Stating? Follow her on Twitter @WorkOnPurpose or visit her Website.

I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. Aqa Gcse Help? You’ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the stating, process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and coursework, Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an stating the hypothesis archive of our previous blog posts. Type? Please check out the stating the hypothesis, new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Type Papers For Money? Interview Advice Job []

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in stating the hypothesis, touch with us.

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Innovation in stating, the Admissions Process – Introducing the “Video Essay” I’m excited to announce that we have officially launched some major changes to the essay section of the format Rotman application for 2013! The most significant, is the introduction of stating the hypothesis, a video essay component, an innovative new tool developed by a fantastic start-up firm actually right here at the University of Toronto. The video essay component will replace our historical third and fourth essay, and will be comprised of two questions. Answers. Both questions are are designed to be answered without any advanced preparation and will allow us to get to know the the hypothesis personality, interests, passions, and talents of our applicants much better than we could in a written essay format. This tool actually will allow us to capture timed video responses in real time, so is different, and more relevant, than simply uploading how you might answer a canned essay question in video format. The video essay is being run as a pilot project this year. We are very interested in learning what the tool demonstrates about thesis size, our candidates and by introducing this new component at Rotman we are hoping to take a big leap away from the essay writing contest that has become the norm in the MBA admissions world, and actually use our essays to showcase what it is that makes candidates unique.

In theory, essays are designed to demonstrate the unique traits and stating, abilities of applicants, who may, on aqa gcse coursework help paper, appear to stating, be quite similar. Statistics. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of stating, online message board and ap gov essays answers, admissions consultants who try to convince applicants that there is a ‘right’ answer to these questions, submissions often sound very similar and instead of showcasing what makes a candidate an stating, interesting and diverse prospective student, we often read similar stories about mla research paper, motivation to pursue the MBA. On the same note, the video essay in not an introduction of a video creation contest – we are interested in the content of your answers and not how well you can produce videos. We already do video interviews for international applicants who we weren’t able to connect with in person with during our travels via Skype, so understand video is a comfortable medium for most of our candidates who frequently use video chat, Skype, face time, etc. to communicate with family and friends. Ultimately, our goal in stating, introducing this new component is for our admissions committee to make better decisions about which candidates are the strongest match with the Rotman program. There are a few reasons I believe this will happen, and I imagine we will uncover many more reasons as we evaluate the dissertation program: We want to consider candidates who may not present as strongly as they could ‘on paper’ (at least not yet – we know that our talented Careers team can help with this!) as identifying the ‘diamond in the rough’ type of talent is a group of students we don’t want our Admissions Committee to miss as we continue to grow the Program and see a bigger applicant pool each year This will provide us with an additional reference point beyond our current list of application requirements that tests communication skills (i.e. ability to think on your feet, communicate in the hypothesis, a concise manner, etc.) along with demonstrates a diverse or well-rounded profile which is something we can’t begin evaluating until interviews at answers, the moment and it is a key priority in order to build an stating the hypothesis, interesting and opinion, diverse MBA class The video content can be stored, allowing the entire Admissions Committee to access and review this content when making admissions decisions instead of having only one ‘in person’ perspective on a candidate so we will get a broader opinion on each applicant. I was interviewed recently by Kira, the firm who developed this tool and shared some overall thoughts on why we love the product here: This video essay belongs where the title suggests – as a media-rich version of a ‘live’ essay question. This will not replace admissions interviews, as the depth of stating, conversation and direct personal interaction is a truly invaluable part of the process.

A note to candidates who started applications already – you are able to simply complete the previous questions you have already accessed and likely prepared for. There is no penalty, and no preference, if this is the case. Otherwise, you can start a new profile and submit the video essay, along with the two shorter essay questions if you prefer. For any questions on this, please follow up with us at Remember to be yourself, and have fun with this new feature.Good luck and happy filming! We look forward to your feedback on this new tool. 44 thoughts on “ Innovation in the Admissions Process – Introducing the “Video Essay” ” I’ve submitted the video essay through Kira. But the essay tab in applications does not allow the page to be marked as complete unless something is mla research paper written in stating, the space provided for the video essay. Questionnaire Analysis. But in my understanding, nothing needs to written for this essay prompt.

In order to mark the stating the hypothesis page as complete, I’m simply writing ”Video Essay Submitted.”. I would request the website managers for the applications process to kindly make note of average, this and rectify the problem or at-least add instructions as to what should be written in the space for video essay to avoid confusion. Thanks Varun – and yes, you have completed the the hypothesis process correctly. We will forward your feedback on to our technical team to help clarify for format mla research paper future candidates. Best of stating the hypothesis, luck with the process! I am waiting for your process and decision. For Money. My spype account: bilinglin. The Hypothesis. I am waiting for your interview and looking forward to aqa gcse statistics coursework, your reply. Stating The Hypothesis. Thank you.

Is the Video essay required for the Morning and Evening MBA? No-this isn’t required for Morning/Evening – just the FT MBA. Your best bet is to contact Rummmy Gill ( re: the aqa gcse help Morning/Evening application. Whom should i contact for my video essay? Could you please provide me with their email id? Please contact the admissions office if you are encountering technical issues: I was just curious to know when the new essay topics will be out and when is the application window starting for the 2014 MBA program?. Good timing – we are planning to stating, post tomorrow! #128578; Stay tuned. Unfortunately, candidates in China like me cannot access to coursework help, youtube. So I am not able to watch your interview video by stating the hypothesis, Kira. Type. But I like the video essay idea.

Could you please let me know where I can find the directions about how to stating the hypothesis, use and process video essay by Kira. Is a website video tool or something? Thanks. Here’s the opinion essay link to the hypothesis, the Kira site: The process is covered with a demonstration that should be accessible as it isn’t You Tube hosted. Let us know if you encounter any issues! Can you let us know more about video essay.

Is it only one question this year? What are the question(s) related to. How long do we have talk. Do we have a second shot at answering, if we think we weren’t at our best. Can you please shed more light on video essay. Is it going to be only one video essay for 2014 fall. please let us know regarding what the questionnaire questions are going to be. The video essay will continue as a core part of the process at stating the hypothesis, Rotman this year. Size. We will maintain a sample (practice) question plus two additional randomized questions. The tone/scope will be just like last year with ‘conversational’ type questions, but we have updated and expanded our question bank with new content! My skype id is sumeet.bhalla14.

And i am waiting for an interview.? I am a little unsure of what the procedure will be. Will i be given an appointment on skype for stating it or do i have to record them on youtube? The Video content should be posted in the next week – apologies for the delay, you are well ahead of us and our November 4th deadline! This will happen via an email invite, so please stay tuned #128578; I am trying to complete the aqa gcse statistics coursework help MBA Application for Rotman but I cannot find any Video Essay Link to record my Video Essay.

Is there a technical problem or is there any other url from where I can record my video essay response? How do i access the stating video question and answer it. Pls shed some light on ap gov answers it. I didnt find any essay topics for video essay for the hypothesis fall 2014 intake in the application page. Neither is the for money application process information any clear about the steps necessary for submission of such video essays.Could you please post the video essay topics and the guidelines for stating the video essays on topics the application website. You should see a live link now if you re-visit the application – thank you for your patience! I have intentions to study MBA in Toronto university in stating, 2015, meanwhile i’d like to ap gov essays, start working on the admissions from this year.

Can you help me with the processes involved and who to the hypothesis, contact at any point when i need help? Good luck! Feel free to dissertation, email with questions. I have visited School website and it mentions No minimum requirement for the GMAT but at the same time I can see the average GMAT is 673 which is quite high. My question is : my work ex is now 7 years and stating the hypothesis, if I apply for 2014 session admission lets say in Jan 2014 deadline then I would be more than 7 years of work ex ..So do you have any relaxations/considerations in GMAT score for topics the candidate who is having more work ex. The Hypothesis. like case of mine ..or Do I have to get weigh myself with the correct format paper person who is having 3-4 years of work ex ? Thanks for the question. GMAT score represents a different skill than work experience, so this score is stating the hypothesis most closely considered along with GPA and can compensate or complement this criteria. Our average GMAT is competitive but range is quite varied (550-780) so I would encourage you to focus on submitting a GMAT score within this range to meet a competitive requirement based on previously admitted candidates profiles. Hope this helps to clarify. Can you provide more details on how Rotman encourages entrepreneurship culture ? I have 4 years of thesis, consulting background with one of the hypothesis, Big4 consulting firms. I want to understand and format paper, develop necessary skills to start my own startup.

Can you please share some information on that regards? We can provide you with plenty of detail around entrepreneurship at Rotman – starting with information about our Creative Destruction Lab! This a packed question so I would like to ensure it is stating handled appropriately – can you send to type, the admissions inbox ( to be connected with someone from the team who can take this conversation offline and provide you with more depth? Thanks! I want to apply for the MBA program of Toronto University, and on the website, it says”e recommend candidates have at the hypothesis, least two years of work experience but there is no minimum requirement. The average for the class entering in 2013 was four years of work experience.” I have prior undergraduate degree work experience and post undergraduate degree for type for money 2 months, but in total less than two years.

What is the chance of me getting accepted into the hypothesis, the MBA program? Hi Jiaqi – Thanks for this question. Admissions decisions are based on dissertation the overall competitiveness of stating the hypothesis, your profile, so it is simply not possible to determine your admission probability based on correct format mla research one data point (work experience). You will want to apply when, from an experience perspective, you are confident that you have enough to contribute to the Program, and also have the requisite transferrable skills to be competitive recruiting into your post-MBA role of choice. Hope this feedback is helpful. Best of luck!

I am a Chinese Student who want to apply for the 2014Fall MBA Program, But I really did not understand how I can complete the Video Essay, I am confused about stating, it, because in my online application from, there is a step that need to provide the Video Interview information including Video Interview URL, or I can not complete my online application form. So please guide me the step in details that to complete the Video. I do not know how to use this website to correct format mla research paper, complete it, Waiting for your kindly reply!! Thank you very much!! Hi Tang! If you follow the link included in the application to KIRA, you will receive the unique URL once you complete the interviews.

Hope this helps and good luck! I’m experiencing some confusion in stating the hypothesis, terms of the “Video Essay” and “Video Interview”. Could you kindly confirm whether they are interchangeable terms? (I.E the interview to be completed on the KIRA website) In regards to the actual video interview questions, are they given to us prior to the recording? Apologies for the confusion! “Video essay” and “video interview” refer to the same thing in our application- that is, it is the video you need to do through the correct paper Kira website. The essay questions are given as soon as the the hypothesis recording begins. However, you can practice as many times as you want (with different questions each time though) to help you get as comfortable with the video essay as possible. I am preparing to apply for coursework 2015 fall FT MBA class.

However, i have two pressing issues. 1. In my country Ethiopia – we have three years undergraduate studies not four years. ETHIOPIA Master’s Minimum Admission Requirements:Bachelor’s Degree Equivalent: Bachelor`s, requiring 4 years of the hypothesis, study.What does it mean for application? Do I still apply and compensate on the courses if i got admitted or I can’t apply at all? 2. I am planning to come to Canada early October – is there any possibility of visiting Rotman? Your kind support on this is greatly appreciated!

Answers to average, your questions: 1. If a candidate is sufficiently strong we can grant exceptions in cases like this where they have a 3 year degree instead of a 4-year degree. So I would definitely still encourage you to apply. Just make sure the rest of your application is as strong as possible. 2. We will actually be hosting our Open House in mid-October which would be a great opportunity to see the school and stating, sit in on sample classes, meet current students, alumni, etc. Stay tuned to our admissions events calendar for full details: If you can’t make it for the Open House though, email us at type, and we can schedule a time to meet us! I am Venkatesh from India. I have attended the admission event conducted by stating, your school in India.

I am very much interested to aqa gcse help, do FULL TIME MBA, 2015 in your school. I finished my BE degree in 2012 with a CGPA of stating the hypothesis, 7.76. Correct. I have 8 months work experience as a Software Engineer. Stating. I am running an E-commerce business in India for the past one and half year. I am planning to write GMAT in ap gov, one month. Am I elegible to get into Rotman School of Management. Great to stating, see your interest in ap gov, studying at our school! You can learn about the hypothesis, our application requirements on our website here, which should help answer your question:

Request your help on the video interview question – does the link on Rotman’s application form for the video essay allow me to correct format mla research, practice to prepare for answering these questions. If yes, will i need to finish the stating practice sessions and the real test in dissertation, one seating? Many thanks for your help in advance – and regards, Hi Gopal – yes you need to finish in one setting. One practice question and two ‘real’ questions. Best advice is to record yourself first on stating the hypothesis your own webcam before going to the live site. Good luck!

I already had a MBA degree in my home country, but plan to essays answers, apply for MBA of Rotman, aim to learn with worldwide famous professors and understand more about the the hypothesis global business management. would you please advise if my gained MBA degree will helpful for my application of aqa gcse statistics coursework help, Rotman? Second question is, if I have not yet finished IELTS examination, can I apply? And if I cannot get 7.0, is there any langue course in the hypothesis, U of T for international student? You’ll need to think about how to position this as the essays Committee will want to understand the desire to stating, pursue another MBA – ultimately the answer to this question will depend on your reasoning. We do require a language test to be completed, but more importantly our Program is an aqa gcse coursework help, intensive experience so we encourage applicants to target Rotman if they are confident in their English fluency.

The language requirement is simply a signal about the importance of communication skills to ensure that our students can actively contribute to the Rotman experience.

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40+ Blank Resume Templates Free Samples, Examples, Format Download! Having an impactful resume may be considered indispensible for the hypothesis grabbing a lucrative job. And that is because there are thousands of applicants against every available job post. To combat this problem, candidates come up with tactics and techniques of wooing recruiters. One of these tactics is dissertation designing resumes in a way to impress hiring managers. The better a resume is, the stating higher the chances its owner stands of grabbing the ap gov job.

And that is why, experts recommend using a well-designed and effective resume. But how do you create one? Simply by referring to Resume Templates ! 12 Creative Resume Bundle Template. Developer Resume + Cover Page + Cover Letter + Portfolio Bundle 8 Templates. Stating The Hypothesis. If you are a software developer looking for a job, you must first give your resume a facelift. You are not some second language teacher who might get pardoned for a boring resume. Your skills are high-end and should reflect in the resume you use.

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chnm essays Chronicle of Higher Education , Feb. 24, 2006. I hate Scantron, one exasperated high-school student wrote on an online bulletin board earlier this year, referring to the ubiquitous multiple-choice forms covered with ovals, named for the corporation that has manufactured them since 1972. An older student replied: Get used to seeing them. The Hypothesis! Colleges are all about Scantrons. Noting that it can take 30 minutes to grade an essay question, the older student explained, That's why most instructors use Scantron, or at least multiple choice, for dissertation questionnaire analysis most of their tests. But multiple-choice tests not only torment students; they also feature centrally in the increasingly vitriolic debate over standardized testing.

Do they adequately measure student learning? Do they simply force teachers to stating the hypothesis teach to thesis the test? In our own discipline of history, policy makers, teachers, and the hypothesis scholars have begun to debate whether history should be added to the list of subjects tested in the schools under the No Child Left Behind Act. And we can safely predict that when the National Assessment of ap gov essays Educational Progress history tests are given again this year, we will see a new round of hand-wringing over why students don't know any history. Now a national commission, calling for accountability, is raising the level of debate by considering expanding standardized testing to higher education.

Such student complaints and adult debates about standardized tests could soon become obsolete if, as we argue, the digital technology that allows students to share their grievances online undermines the very nature of multiple-choice exams. As the stating, calculator forever altered mathematical education eventually muscling its way into the test room when it became clear that long division had become a useless relic of the past what if modern technology is about to make the format of these tests as quaint as a slide rule? What if students will have in their pockets a device that can rapidly and accurately answer, say, multiple-choice questions about history? Would teachers start to face a revolt from (already restive) students, who would wonder why they were being tested on their ability to aqa gcse statistics coursework answer something that they could quickly find out about on stating the hypothesis, that magical device? It turns out that most students already have such a device in their pockets, and to them it's less magical than mundane. It's called a cellphone.

That pocket communicator is rapidly becoming a portal to other simultaneously remarkable and commonplace modern technologies that, at least in our field of history, will enable the devices to answer, with a surprisingly high degree of accuracy, the kinds of multiple-choice questions used in thousands of high-school and college history classes, as well as a good portion of the standardized tests that are used to dissertation analysis assess whether the schools are properly educating our students. Those technological developments are likely to bring the multiple-choice test to the brink of obsolescence, mounting a substantial challenge to the hypothesis the presentation of history and other disciplines as a set of facts or one-sentence interpretations and to the rote learning that inevitably goes along with such an ap gov answers, approach. Surprisingly, multiple-choice testing is less than a century old. According to the psychologist Franz Samelson, the multiple-choice question made its first published appearance in stating 1915 in a silent reading test devised by Frederick J. Kelly, the format mla research paper, director of the Training School at the State Normal School in Emporia, Kan. Kelly's innovation responded, in part, to growing complaints about the subjectivity of stating the hypothesis grading in standardized tests that had become increasingly common at the turn of the century. Opinion Essay Topics! But equally important, he wanted to stating make tests cheaper and faster to grade. How could you administer mass standardized tests and establish objective test norms without some quick and easy method of papers grading? The need for easily scoreable exams became even more compelling two years later, when the United States entered World War I, and psychologists convinced military leaders that measuring the intelligence of almost two million soldiers would improve military efficiency. In the mid-1920s, the College Board added multiple-choice questions to its SAT's, previously just a set of essay questions, and stating sealed the triumph of the new format. The multiple-choice test efficient, quantitative, capable of sampling wide areas of correct mla research subject matter and easily generating data for stating complicated statistical analyses, Samelson writes, became the symbol . of American education.

Along the way, the technologies of testing became more elaborate moving from the scoring stencils devised around World War I to statistics the IBM 805 Test Scoring Machine, which appeared in the late 1930s and the hypothesis could read pencil marks, to questionnaire analysis the Scantron forms and machines that are the bane of stating today's high-school and college students. The IBM 805 and essay the Scantron were effective and widespread 20th-century technologies. But they pale in comparison to the power and ubiquity of stating two 21st-century technological developments that may change the debate over multiple-choice testing. The first is the World Wide Web not only the largest record of mla research paper human knowledge in the history of our species, but also the most open and available. We can already hear the snickers from our colleagues: You want to stating send students to the wilds of the Web to find the answers to exam questions?

Scholars in history (as well as in other fields) have generally viewed the opinion, state of knowledge on the Web with skepticism. In 2004 Leon Botstein, president of the hypothesis Bard College and also a historian, told The New York Times that a Google search of the Web overwhelms you with too much information, much of which is hopelessly unreliable or beside the point. It's like looking for a lost ring in a vacuum bag. What you end up with mostly are bagel crumbs and dirt. Scholars like Botstein used to the detailed analysis of individual documents for credibility and import look in horror at the many Web pages with factual errors or outright fictions. Even if students could Google any topic they wanted from their cellphone, they would surely choose some of those errant Web pages, select some bagel crumbs and dirt, and aqa gcse statistics flunk their exams. But what if, as in statistics, the extremes could cancel each other out, and the errors become swamped by the truth? Is there enough historical truth out there on the Web to do that swamping, or are the lunatics running the asylum?

Computer scientists have an optimistic answer for worried scholars. They argue that the enormous scale and linked nature of the Web make it possible for it to be right in the aggregate while sometimes very wrong on specific pages. The Web has enticed millions of users to type in trillions of characters to create billions of Web pages of on average low-quality contents, write the the hypothesis, computer scientists Rudi Cilibrasi and Paul Vitányi in a 2004 essay.Yet, they continue, the sheer mass of the information available about almost every conceivable topic makes it likely that extremes will cancel and the majority or average is meaningful in average size a low-quality approximate sense. In other words, although the Web includes many poorly written and erroneous pages, taken as a whole the medium actually does quite a good job encoding meaningful data. At the same time that the Web's openness allows anyone access, it also allows any machine connected to it to scan those billions of documents, which leads to the second development that puts multiple-choice tests in peril: the means to process and manipulate the Web to produce meaningful information or answer questions. Computer scientists have long dreamed of an adequately large corpus of text to the hypothesis subject to a variety of help algorithms that could reveal underlying meaning and linkages. They now have that corpus, more than large enough to perform remarkable new feats through information theory. For instance, Google researchers have demonstrated (but not yet released to the general public) a powerful method for creating good enough translations not by understanding the grammar of each passage, but by stating the hypothesis rapidly scanning and comparing similar phrases on countless electronic documents in the original and second languages. Given large enough volumes of words in a variety of languages, machine processing can find parallel phrases and reduce any document into a series of word swaps. Average Thesis Size! Where once it seemed necessary to the hypothesis have a human being aid in a computer's translating skills, or to teach that machine the basics of language, swift algorithms functioning on unimaginably large amounts of text suffice.

Are such new computer translations as good as a skilled, bilingual human being? Of course not. Are they good enough to get the gist of a text? Absolutely. So good the National Security Agency and type the Central Intelligence Agency increasingly rely on the hypothesis, that kind of technology to scan, sort, and mine gargantuan amounts of text and communications (whether or not the format, rest of us like it). As it turns out, good enough is precisely what multiple-choice exams are all about. Easy, mechanical grading is made possible by stating restricting possible answers, akin to a translator's receiving four possible translations for a sentence. Not only would those four possibilities make the work of the opinion topics, translator much easier, but a smart translator even one with a novice understanding of the translated language could home in on the correct answer by recognizing awkward (or proper) sounding pieces in stating each possible answer. Questionnaire Analysis! By restricting the answers to certain possibilities, multiple-choice questions provide a circumscribed realm of information, where subtle clues in the hypothesis both the question and essay topics the few answers allow shrewd test takers to the hypothesis make helpful associations and opinion essay rule out certain answers (for decades, test-preparation companies like Kaplan Inc. have made a good living teaching students that trick).

The gaming of stating the hypothesis a question can occur even when the test taker doesn't know the ap gov essays, correct answer and is not entirely familiar with the subject matter. Are there algorithms that might identify connections between a multiple-choice question and stating the hypothesis the correct answer, thus providing a means of effectively mining those billions of words suddenly accessible free to everyone with an help, Internet connection a group that already includes many people with cellphones? To test the ratio of accurate to inaccurate historical information on the Web and to pursue the idea that machine reasoning might, as with the new computational translation services, provide good enough answers to historical questions, one of the hypothesis us, Daniel, created a software agent called H-Bot. On the Center for History and New Media Web site, we have a public beta test of that software that you can use to answer simple factual questions about history using natural language ( For instance, ask it, Whenwas Nelson Mandela born? It responds, Nelson Mandela was born on statistics coursework, July 18, 1918. Although it has a fast mode that looks at trusted sources first (i.e., online encyclopedias and dictionaries), it can also use the entire Web to answer questions using algorithms drawn from computer science. Suppose you want to know when Charles Lindbergh took his famous flight to Paris. Stating The Hypothesis! Asking H-Bot When did Charles Lindbergh fly to Paris? would prompt the software (using its pure mode, which does not simply try to find a reliable encyclopedia entry) to query Google for Web pages that include the words Charles Lindbergh, flew, and Paris. H-Bot would then scan those pages as a single mass of raw text about Lindbergh.

It would search, in particular, for words that look like years (i.e., positive three- and four-digit numbers), and essays it would indeed find many instances of 1902 and 1974 (Lindbergh's birth and death years). Stating The Hypothesis! But most of all, it would find a statistically indicative spike around 1927, the year that Lindbergh made his pioneering flight to ap gov essays answers Paris. By scanning and stating the hypothesis processing many Web sites sites like the official Lindbergh Foundation site and the amateur enthusiast Ace Pilots site in topics the same breath H-Bot would accurately answer the user's historical question, disregarding as statistical outliers the few sites that incorrectly state the year of his flight. While simple statistical methods can process the raw material of the stating, Web to answer basic historical questions, more involved algorithms can provide the average size, answers to stating more complex questions. Using a theory called normalized information distance, a special version of H-Bot programmed to take multiple-choice tests can tackle not only papers, question-and-answer pairs similar to the Lindbergh question, but also questions from the NAEP U.S. history exam that supposedly invoke the higher-order processes of historical thinking, and that should be answerable only if you truly understand the subject matter and are able to reason about the past. For example, a 1994 NAEP question asked, What is the purpose of the the hypothesis, Bill of Rights? It provided the topics, following options: (a) To say how much Americans should pay in taxes. (b) To protect freedoms like freedom of speech. (c) To describe the stating the hypothesis, jobs of the President and Congress. (d) To make Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States.

H-Bot cannot understand the principles of taxation, liberty, or the purviews of the questionnaire, executive and stating legislative branches. But it need not comprehend those concepts to average thesis size respond correctly. Stating! Instead, to figure out the significance of the Bill of Rights, H-Bot found that Web pages on type papers for money, which the phrase Bill of Rights and the word purpose appear contain the words freedom and speech more often than words like taxes, President, or Washington. Stating The Hypothesis! (To be more precise, H-Bot's algorithms actually compared the normal frequency of those words on the Web with the frequency of those words on relevant pages.) H-Bot thus correctly surmised that the answer was (b). We gave H-Bot that and dozens of other publicly available multiple-choice questions from the format mla research, fourth-grade NAEP American-history exam, on which such questions composed about two-thirds of the total. It got a respectable 82 percent right much better than the average student. Moreover, the experimental H-Bot is only a preliminary version programmed by a humble historian of science with help from a (very bright) high-school student, Simon Kornblith. Imagine how well it could do with financing and legions of math Ph.D.'s to attack problems on the hypothesis, behalf of search-engine giants like Google. Before we disdainfully dismiss H-Bot's test-taking prowess as a parlor gimmick, we need to remember that we have built a good deal of our educational system around such multiple-choice tests.

They are ubiquitous even in college classrooms and are widely cited as evidence of coursework national ignorance in history and the hypothesis other fields. Moreover, our attachment to these tests (as Frederick Kelly knew well) has more to do with economics and technology than with teaching and learning. We use these tests, Sam Wineburg, a cognitive psychologist who teaches at Stanford University's School of Education, writes in The Journal of American History, not because they are historically sound or because they predict future engagement with historical study, but because they can be read by machines that produce easy-to-read graphs and bar charts. Moreover we should remember the resistance that accompanied the entry of the analysis, calculator into the exam room. Skeptics fretted, Wouldn't American students be at a disadvantage if they couldn't do multiplication without a machine? Doesn't the the hypothesis, ability to do such processes unassisted lead to aqa gcse statistics coursework a deeper understanding of mathematics itself? But most people quickly realized that providing calculators to students freed them up to work on more complex and important aspects of mathematics, rather than worrying about memorizing multiplication tables. The combination of the the hypothesis, cellphone and opinion essay topics the magnificent, if imperfect, collective creation of the Web with some relatively simple mathematical formulas has given us a free version of what our provost and stating the hypothesis historian, Peter Stearns, proposed to us a couple of years ago the Cliolator, a play on the muse of history and the calculator. Aqa Gcse Statistics! Stearns observed that many educators would resist the the hypothesis, adoption of the Cliolator, as they had the calculator.

But he also argued, rightly in our view, that it would improve history education by displacing the fetishizing of aqa gcse statistics coursework help factual memorization. Moreover, as the Web continues its exponential growth, it will become (again, taken as a whole) an increasingly accurate transcription of human knowledge. A basic principle of information theory is that the larger the corpus, the the hypothesis, more accurately it encodes meaning over all and aqa gcse statistics help the more useful it is for data-mining applications. Stating! And consider what will happen to correct format paper the quality of information on the Web after the completion of the vast initiatives of Google and others to digitize the high-caliber information in books. By the stating the hypothesis, time today's elementary-school students enter college, it will probably seem as odd to them to be forbidden to ap gov essays answers use digital devices like cellphones, connected to an Internet service like H-Bot, to stating the hypothesis find out when Nelson Mandela was born as it would be to tell students now that they can't use a calculator to do the routine arithmetic in an algebra equation.

By providing much more than just an opinion essay, open-ended question, multiple-choice tests give students and, perhaps more important in the future, their digital assistants more than enough information to retrieve even a fairly sophisticated answer from the Web. The genie will be out of the bottle, and the hypothesis we will have to start thinking of more meaningful ways to assess historical knowledge or ignorance. At around the same time that Kelly was pioneering the multiple-choice test on format mla research paper, the Kansas frontier, the educational psychologists J. Stating The Hypothesis! Carleton Bell and David F. McCollum, no doubt influenced by ap gov essays answers the same mania for testing that was sweeping the country, began a study of the attainments of history students in Texas. At the outset, they wrote, they surmised that they might, for example, assess students' ability to understand present events in the light of the past, or their skill in the hypothesis sifting and evaluating a mass of miscellaneous materials and dissertation questionnaire analysis constructing . a straightforward and probable account, or their aptitude at providing reflective and stating the hypothesis discriminating replies to 'thought questions' on a given historical situation. Bell and McCollum then noted a final possibility, that historical ability may be taken as the readiness with which pupils answer questions revealing the range of their historical information, although this is opinion, perhaps the the hypothesis, narrowest, and . the least important type of historical ability. But, they continued, it is the statistics coursework, one which is the most readily tested, and was, therefore, chosen for study in the present investigation. As Wineburg observes, While perhaps the stating, first instance, this was not the last in aqa gcse help which ease of measurement not priority of subject-matter understanding determined the the hypothesis, shape and contour of a research program. Of course Bell and for money McCollum might have had an even easier time if they had gotten word of Kelly's innovations in testing. Instead they asked students, for example, to write down the reason for the historic importance of each of 10 representative dates (like 1789).

That required them, to their disappointment, to give partial credit for stating answers, including some evaluated quite arbitrarily. Very soon, however, their factualist approach would be married to the seemingly objective multiple-choice test, and historical understanding would be reduced to a filled-in bubble on a form. Now that newer technology threatens the papers, humble technology of the multiple-choice exam, we have an opportunity to return to some of the broader and deeper measures of understanding in history and stating other subjects that Bell and McCollum knew quite well before they and others rushed down the path that has led us and our students to Scantron purgatory. As Bell and McCollum knew (like students who complain about Scantrons), it takes considerably more time and effort to grade essay questions that, for example, measure a student's ability to synthesize historical sources into a complex narrative. But, as the Document Based Questions widely used in Advanced Placement history tests demonstrate, such exams are not incompatible with standardized, national measurements. They just take a little more time to grade. Indeed, the creators of the initial NAEP U.S. history examination worried that one limitation of many traditional assessments is papers, that they frequently present pieces of information or problems to be solved in isolation. The Hypothesis! Yet their response placing related multiple-choice questions together in theme blocks while adding some short constructed response questions only correct mla research, modestly addressed that problem. Although we tend to stating the hypothesis believe that new technology always saves time and money, the marriage of the Web with the essay, cellphone augurs the demise of the inexpensive technologies of multiple-choice tests and grading machines. But we will not be among the mourners at the hypothesis, the funeral of the multiple-choice test. Such exams have fostered a school-based culture of rote memorization that has little to do with true learning.

And the resources that it will take to offer and grade more complex and thoughtful exams pale in format comparison to those being wasted on stating, pointless approaches to measuring student comprehension. Politicians who insist on raising the dissertation questionnaire, stakes in standardized testing need to provide the funds for people rather than machines to do the grading. If we are going to continue to insist on having machines grade our students, then we should expect that they are going to insist on being able to answer exam questions using the machines in their pockets. Daniel J. Cohen is an assistant professor of history and Roy Rosenzweig a professor of history at George Mason University. They are affiliated with the university's Center for History and New Media and are co-authors of Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and stating Presenting the Past on the Web (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005). 1996–2008, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and average New Media, George Mason University. (Copyright Notice)

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Null Hypothesis Definition and Examples, How to State - Statistics

Challenging Google Resume Search Assumptions. In the first post I left some unanswered questions, such as why: I didn’t talk about searching for stating CVs I didn’t suggest using the essays answers tilde. operator in conjunction with the word “resume” I didn’t use - job when trying to stating eliminate false positive results I didn’t talk about targeting filetypes I didn’t talk about just searching for the word “resume” without using it in correct conjunction with inurl: or intitle: I didn’t mention the use of Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) to find resumes. Whether or not you had those questions burning in your mind, I will address them all in this post.

Challenging Google Resume Search Assumptions. I’ve read my fair share of recruiting blogs and online discussions between recruiters and sourcers. As such, I encounter quite a bit of advice regarding tips and stating tricks to use when searching for resumes on the Internet using Google. Some of the suggestions I see make sense at first, but being the inquisitive guy that I am, I don’t just take the suggestions and run with them, assuming they accomplish what they seem to ap gov accomplish. I take the the hypothesis time to test search tips, tricks, and suggestions to make sure they add value to ap gov essays answers my search efforts and that they do EXACTLY what they claim to stating do. Today, you get to benefit from some of these tests, as I am going to challenge some of the suggestions I’ve come across over statistics coursework the years when it comes to searching for resumes on the Internet using Google. Let’s get going, shall we? Job to Eliminate the Words Job and Jobs From Results. Google has a special operator that allows you to stating the hypothesis search for synonyms as well as alternate endings for any word that is preceded by type papers, the tilde.

symbol. For example, let’s see what kinds of stating, results are returned by aqa gcse statistics coursework, this simple search: You can see that Google returned results including the word “car,” but also highlighting words such as “BMW,” and stating ”cars” — words Google’s search engine thinks are synonymous with the word “car.” The fact that Google thinks the word “car” is statistics coursework help, synonymous with BMW is powerful and free advertising for BMW – but that’s for another post. I’ve seen some sourcers and recruiters suggest coupling the tilde. symbol with the word “job” in an attempt to the hypothesis eliminate results with the words “job” and “jobs,” instead of using both -job and ap gov essays answers -jobs, as I recommend. job does NOT in fact eliminate all results that mention word variants, or words with alternate endings, such as “jobs.” For example – run this on Google: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) - On page 2 of the results, you can find this: Yep – I see the the hypothesis word “jobs” in there, don’t you? — “I’ve had too many jobs.” Let’s see what happens if we actually try to use - job and aqa gcse statistics help also search specifically for the word “jobs” in the hypothesis the same search:

(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) - Click here for dissertation the results. 475,000 results at the time of the search. If Google actually interpreted - job as both -job and -jobs, we shouldn’t get ANY results, let alone nearly half a million, because the search is written to actually look for stating the hypothesis a word we are trying to dissertation analysis eliminate. You will essentially get the same results if you run the stating the hypothesis search this way: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) - But wait, the Google search weirdness continues! Let’s see what happens when we use - job and also try and correct mla research paper make Google search for “job” at the same time: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) - Click here for stating the results.

You get 5 results that become 10 if you click “repeat the format mla research paper search with the omitted results included.” I hope you can appreciate how strange those results actually are. Confused by the results? Me too! It actually takes using Google’s “exactly as is” search symbol, the plus + sign to stating finally see that at average, least using - job will in fact eliminate the word “job” from search results. What this testing demonstrates is that trying to eliminate the the hypothesis two words “job” and “jobs” from being returned in search results by type papers, using - It appears that the tilde operator on Google does not in fact also search for and return (or eliminate) words with alternate endings, such as plural words. For the word “car,” yes, but not when it comes to the word job.

As such, it’s safer to simply write out stating, -job -jobs . Resume To Search for Resumes and CVs. I’ve heard some people suggest coupling the tilde with the word resume, in dissertation questionnaire order to stating find results that have words synonymous with the word “resume,” such as CV or Curriculum Vitae in their URL or the aqa gcse coursework help title of web results. resume OR inurl: resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) Let’s test this theory. Java (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) Click here for the results.

294 results at the hypothesis, the time of the analysis search. resume OR inurl: resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) Wow! 2,760 results when we used the the hypothesis tilde vs. 294 without the tilde – seems like a no-brainer to always throw in paper the tilde when searching for resumes, right?

Not so fast…let’s take a look at the hypothesis, the search results past result #300 when using the aqa gcse help tilde and see what we find: Some pretty ugly results, right? So where are the 2,400 extra resumes we were expecting to get? Keep searching past the 300 mark and you will see tons of junk results. Stating The Hypothesis? That’s why I can’t in good conscience recommend using the tidle. in conjunction with the word “resume” when searching for resumes. If you’re wondering where the CVs were in the results, you can simply target them with a search string like this: Java (intitle:cv OR inurl:cv OR intitle:”curriculum vitae” OR inurl:”curriculum vitae”) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) Click here for the results. Thesis? 82 results at the time of the search.

More on the hypothesis, Searching for CVs. You could of course search for both “resume” and CV in the titles and URLs in web pages and average thesis documents, like this: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume OR intitle:cv OR inurl:cv OR intitle:”curriculum vitae” OR inurl:”curriculum vitae”) But when I have searched for CVs, I have noticed that many people who save their resumes online who use the term CV are in school, are educators at a university, or are international (non-U.S.) folks, whom you may or may not be able to stating the hypothesis engage depending on your location and statistics coursework need. Did you notice that 4 out stating the hypothesis, of the questionnaire analysis 5 results from the last screenshot have .edu in the URL? That means they are from university sites, and I have found many of these .edu CVs to stating the hypothesis be of people with no paid work experience – which, depending on your hiring needs, you may not be able to hire. Auto-Stemming: Trying to dissertation analysis Use -Job to Eliminate “Jobs” From Results. When it comes to the hypothesis your search terms, Google claims that they will look for some word variants automatically, such as words with alternate endings or pluralization. However, it does not appear to average work on the word “job.” For example, if you are trying to eliminate false positive results of the word “jobs” when searching for resumes, using -job does not eliminate results with the the hypothesis word “jobs,” although if Google were in fact truly auto-stemming the word job, we could assume it should. For example, let’s try this:

(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job. Here is a result from page 2: That result does in average thesis size fact mention the word “jobs.” So once again I have to recommend simply spelling out the hypothesis, -job -jobs when trying to eliminate job-related false positive results, because Google does not auto-stem -job to also include -jobs. Not Searching for answers the Word “Resume” in Titles and stating URLs. I’ve heard some sourcers and recruiters say that it is unnecessary to search for the word “resume” specifically in format mla research titles and URLs, through the use of (inurl:resume OR intitle:resume). This is because simply searching for the word “resume” should return results with the word “resume” in the body of the the hypothesis website/page as well as in the URL and type title. This is stating, accurate; for example — let’s see what happens if we run this search: Java “resume” -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) You can see that the word “resume” is in fact highlighted in the blue title and green URL lines, as well as in aqa gcse the “body” of the stating the hypothesis search results. If you remember, the search I used previously that did specifically target (inurl:resume OR intitle:resume) only returned 294 results.

When I searched for “resume” without specifying that the opinion essay word had to be in either the URL or title, I got 1,390 results. That’s a big difference! However, let’s not get too excited about the “extra” 1,100 results we get from just searching for the word “resume” and stating the hypothesis not limiting the search to only results mentioning “resume” in dissertation analysis the URL and/or title. Let’s take a look at the results past #300 to see what we’re really getting: Click here for stating the hypothesis the results. Umm…those aren’t resumes – those are false positives! Don’t ever be impressed by large quantities of results until you check in the “deep” end and make sure that they are just as high quality as the statistics help first few pages. This test has shown that simply searching for the word “resume” anywhere and stating not forcing Google to specifically target results that mention the word “resume” in the title and/or URL of average thesis size, results does not in stating the hypothesis fact yield more high quality results.

What it does is get you more junk in most cases. So I recommend always beginning your resume searches using the (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) syntax like this, specifically targeting URLs and correct paper titles that contain the word “resume”: Java (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) Here is a snippet from the LAST page of the stating the hypothesis results: Yep – resumes all the way to the last page. The last assumption I will challenge is that it’s always a good idea to for money search for the hypothesis specific file types when searching for resumes on the Internet. Google does support searching for results of specific filetypes – here is an example of a search targeting PDF files:

Java (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) filetype:pdf. All of the results are PDF files. While searching for papers specific filetypes can be handy, there are many filetypes available to people when saving their resume online. Back in 2007, I read Jim Stroud’s Resume Sourcing Survey and it was an eye-opener – there are so many different filetypes people use when creating and saving resumes online. Stating? While you may think you are uncovering a lot of resumes when searching for doc, html, php and pdf fileytpes, you’re probably not searching for ASP, XML, PID, PHTML, MHT, DOT, CGI, XSL, WPD, and SDW filetypes. I am not exactly sure why some people suggest searching for specific filetypes when searching for resumes.

If I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with trying to average get rid of false positive non-resume results. Perhaps the thought process is that job postings and such are not typically DOC or PDF files? In any event, searching for specific filetypes is unnecessary, because when you use a search string that doesn’t specify filestypes such as this one: resume OR inurl: resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” 75001..76155 (TX OR Texas) …you’ll get every resume result available, REGARDLESS OF FILETYPE . You can see from the results below that it returns ALL results, regardless of stating, filetype. For Money? In the screenshot, you can see we snagged four different filetypes from the first four results: HTM, PDF, DOC, and HTML.

That’s why I don’t recommend targeting specific filetypes – because if you do, unless you actually search for every possible filetype available, you will be missing results. Perhaps the only time I would strongly recommend targeting specific filetypes is stating the hypothesis, when you are specifically looking to find people who do not title or save their resume with the answers word “resume.” Using Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) to Find Resumes. Creating your own and using others’ Google CSEs can be a convenient way of automatically building in stating the hypothesis core and essential search logic (title/URL search, false positive term removal, etc.) so that you don’t have to keep entering it into your searches. However, when it comes to using someone else’s CSE, I’d advise that you not blindly use it without adapting it to your specific use. Only you know what it is opinion topics, you are looking for specifically, where you would like to the hypothesis get your results from, and the specific locations you would like to recruit from. I believe the best CSEs are those that have location-specific logic built in, so that all you need to enter is your keywords and nothing else.

Implicitly trusting that someone else’s custom search engine has the optimum search logic would be a mistake. Use CSEs designed by correct format mla research paper, others as a starting point to modify and create your own that suits your specific need. I hope you enjoyed me walking you through testing some of the more common Google resume search suggestions I’ve come across over the years. It can be both easy and dangerous to follow search advice from anyone, regardless of their experience or reputation, and take their suggestions and immediately begin putting them to use. As I’ve shown you today, some suggestions such as searching for specific filetypes can actually prevent you from finding all of the resumes available online, and others such as searching for. resume can yield more junk than viable results.

I strongly recommend that you take the time to thoroughly test any sourcing/recruiting advice you read or hear about before making the assumption that it works as intended and that can help you achieve your goals. This article is part of the the hypothesis Boolean Black Belt archives here on SourceCon. Ap Gov Essays? You can view the original article here. Never Miss Another Post From Sourcecon. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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